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Multilac introduces another colour card

Multilac, manufactured by Macksons Paints, recently introduced a stunning and vibrant range of colours with their Shades of Singapore colour card. Multilac which pioneered the concept of a multi-hued colour palette that gave customers a rainbow of shades to choose from, has created yet another innovative range of colours, inspired by the shades of the tropics.   The new  Singapore colour palette introduces an innovative take on the usual shades of reds, green, purple, blues and yellow, giving them an infusion of vivacity.

“In today’s complex world, colour on your walls means creating whole new vistas of living spaces” says Nilrukshi De Silva, Head of Business Development of Multilac, “That’s why we put in a lot of effort to create colours that not only captures the mood of your home but also creates an atmosphere you want to experience every day.”

Multilac is firmly committed to giving the customers the edge over competition, both in introducing innovative products and ensuring an outstanding level of customer satisfaction. Commenting on current market conditions driven by price wars, de Silva says “ We do not compromise on quality and do not engage in price wars. What we believe is in giving our customers the best possible product, developed with customer needs in mind. We are also conscious of our obligations to the environment. Our products are earth friendly and can be used safely indoors. “

Vibrant shades, she says, can bring spaces alive – homes and offices light up with the usage of right shades. At home or work, vibrant colours add dynamism and create an ambiance of energetic living.   Having introduced bold hues a home owner could happily put on the walls, complimentary colour effect and colour blocking, which really means using contrasting colours to create vivacious moods and settings.   

“It’s like the fashion statements ladies make with a new trend. Pairing the right colours, ensuring that the colours used bring out the personality of the room, means everything in designing a home to perfection.  Right combination of colours makes all the difference in bringing out the style, the mood, the atmosphere.

“For an example, colour combinations such as pink and orange which go very well together and create vistas of trendy, cool spaces, remind one of tropical fruits. Other combinations that bring out the best in any room are yellow and green, blue and green, pink and green or pink and purple. Red on a bedroom wall can enhance a sense of warmth and love. Blue, which symbolizes serenity and calmness, can bring the skies and the deep ocean indoors to enhance the feeling of warmth.  Blue is often used in offices to encourage quietness. Green on the other hand, indicates good luck and tranquility and is used extensively in hospitals, study rooms and spaces which encourage rejuvenation and concentration.

Multilac has always strived to exceed customer expectations. Multilac is now a global brand with Sri Lankan origin and gaining top brand status not only locally but in international markets too.

Multilac’s Singapore shades colour palette can be purchased at prices starting from Rs 815 per litre.

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