Tuesday October 25 , 2011

Home Life Life Art film and photo exhibition on youth unemployment
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Art film and photo exhibition on youth unemployment

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Creativity doesn’t need a time or age limit- all it needs is an idea to follow through, a concept to work on and let your imagination take the best of you. In an attempt to encourage young talent and create social awareness regarding youth unemployment and its impact on today’s society, STITCH has come with an innovative concept of organizing an art, film and photo exhibition on this subject.

As a part of their ongoing campaign ‘connect engage change’, STITCH, a youth movement is focused on highlighting issues related to youth and unemployment using creative avenues such as art, video and photography. The organization also hopes that this would open up the opportunity for the corporate sector to interact with youth from different communities and conduct career development workshops, exposure visits and seminars.   According to the Team Head of Ventures at STITCH, Prathibha Perera, the competition is a key component of a wider campaign to raise awareness on youth unemployment and its socio-economic impact on communities and to explore the reasons behind youth dropping out of schools and facing difficulties in finding suitable employment. 


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